Top 9 Summer Maintenance Tips for your Home

With summer in full swing, we’re sure you’re excited to enjoy the warm days and long summer nights. However, this season also tends to come with storms, humidity, and possibly some surprising air conditioning bills!

While this is a great season to take advantage of the weather, it’s also a great time to get your house back into tip-top shape. Most aspects of the home are much more accessible in warmer seasons, and you can address problems you had in the winter more efficiently. 

To get you started on your home improvements, the following is a list of summer maintenance tasks to make your home safe, comfortable and summer ready!

1.    Get an air conditioning tune up

The number one priority for your summer home maintenance checklist should be to have your AC unit tuned up. Your home should have properly circulating air whenever needed and all air conditioning vents and filters should be clean and free of obstacles that could decrease flow. A tune up is required to inspect refrigerant levels, which are important for your AC to keep running cool and to keep your electric bills running low. Proper cleaning also helps to decrease fire hazards and faulty equipment.

Tip: You can keep your AC bill low by changing out your air filters often. Experts advise changing them once a month when using your unit on a daily basis.

2.    Perform window checks

Ensure that the hot summer heat stays outside by checking and maintaining your home's windows. Even small drafts can force a lot of lost energy, so you’ll want to keep an eye on possible areas for AC to escape. One of the key items to routinely check are the sealants. Ensure that both the inside and outside are secure, and that you caulk any open areas in between.

Also, check weather-stripping for any faults and replace them immediately if there is an issue. If your home seems warm, consider adding insulation or replacing old windows.

Tip: Adding screened windows and doors is an inexpensive way to invite cool air into your home in lieu of running air conditioning if you live in a mild climate.

3.    Pool maintenance

Depending on where you live, it's probably been a good six months since your pool has been used for swimming. Get it ready for summer by cleaning it up, leveling the water, ensuring that your pumps are working and balancing your chemicals. Start at least a week prior to swim season to ensure that the water and your new bathing suit are safe from chemical harm.

Tip: Look into an energy-efficient pool pump to help keep your electric bill down during the summer months.

4.    Empty the eaves troughs

After a long window, there’s a good chance your eaves troughs will be filled with leaves, dirt and debris from the colder seasons. A blocked eaves trough can halt proper drainage from your roofing, consequently causing decay and even flooding in the home.

Once it’s warm out, consider hiring a professional or emptying them on your own if you can do it safely. If you live in an area that is heavily populated with trees, consider installing screen on your troughs to discourage animals and debris from entering the troughs throughout the rest of the year.

5.    Repaint the exterior

Paint takes a lot of abuse from the sun, especially during the summer. Now is the best time to consider power washing your home’s exterior, and giving it a few fresh coats.Not only is this great for improving upkeep, but it can also help with curb appeal if you’re thinking about selling in the near future.

6.      Carefully inspect vent fans

Bathroom ceiling vent fans can collect quite a bit of dust, which can make them noisy and inefficient. To clean and maintain a bathroom vent fan, remove the cover, vacuum out any dust, and spray any moving parts with silicone lubricant to get it quietly humming once again.

7.      Clean ceiling fan blades

The blades on paddle ceiling fans tend to get dusty over time and continue to churn that dust around the room. While the cool air may feel nice, this can be a nuisance to people who have a hard time with allergens, dust and dander.

To clean ceiling fan blades, secure a clothes dryer sheet to a paint roller with rubber bands and use it to roll the dust away.Other fans can be cleaned with a damp rag or duster. If you have high ceilings, a ceiling-fan duster can help you de-grime hard-to-reach blades.

8.      Check the Garage

Winter is the perfect time for animals to seek refuge in the small spaces of your home. Some of the most secure places include under porches and decks, as well as in garages that aren’t frequently used.

If you have a garage, consider doing a full clean out in the summer and make sure that any cracks and holes are filled in. This will ensure that animals stay out of the garage and out of your personal belongings through the fall and winter.

Summer Quick Energy Saving Tips

·         Install an outdoor clothesline to dry your laundry in the summer sun; you'll save money and energy by skipping the dryer

·         Train your garden to endure dry days by watering deeply a couple times a week, instead of watering lightly daily. This style of watering will promote the growth of deep, strong roots.

·         Check electrical outlets and cords for potential fire hazards, such as frayed wires or loose-fitting plugs. To avoid a potential fire, be sure not to overload electrical outlets, fuse boxes, extension cords or any other power service.

Home maintenance is an essential part of home ownership, so it’s important to inspect your home regularly. You can make a checklist that will help familiarize you with changing conditions and give you the chance to make repairs early and save money.

There is no better time of the year than summertime to be outside in the yard enjoying the sunshine.

By taking the proper steps to regularly maintain your home, it will remain a source of pleasure for years to come.

If you are thinking of selling your house, now is the best time to do it!If you are still undecided, consider these top reasons why people are selling their house to help you decide.

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