Top 6 Reasons to Stage Your Home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Area

If you’re getting ready to sell your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, it’s important that you consider whether you want to stage your home or not. Research shows that staging a home for sale is well worth the money, not only because it will sell more quickly, but because the cost of staging is much less than having to accept a price reduction for the home. If you are looking to sell your current house, home staging should be seriously considered to ensure your success.

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If you’re serious about selling your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, staging is a must! Home staging spells the difference between getting your home sold, and getting top dollar for it.

Why do some sellers skip the staging process?

There are a few reasons for this decision. Some sellers believe that staging is too expensive, that it’s too much work, or they think their own decorating will suffice.Unfortunately, these beliefs may not always be the case and can often harm the success of your sell.

If you haven’t tried to stage your home yet, the DSEAYCOM  is here to show you the top six reasons to stage your home to sell in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.

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1.       You Get the Best Possible Price for Your Home

A well-staged home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is aesthetically pleasing. Everything looks more inviting, comfortable and simple.

Most builders and home sellers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area choose to stage their homes because staging increases the home’s perceived value. Staged homes sell for about 6% more on average.

With staging, price reductions can often be avoided because buyers are more interested in staged homes and make offers sooner. Opting not to stage a home for sale can mean having to discount the listing price if it has been sitting on the market for too long.

It’s likely that you’ll have to settle for a lot less without staging, than if you chose to hire a professional staging company. Realtors often encourage sellers to stage their home to get the best possible price for it and most agents consider it a critical necessity. According to a Zillow survey of real estate experts, home staging was listed in the top 2 necessary items for sellers.

2.       Sell Your Home Quickly

In a recent Real Estate Staging Association Survey, professionally staged homes spent 72% less time on the market.Well-staged homes tend to move more quickly than those that are not and this means you can save on mortgage payments, property taxes and other costs related to keeping the property.

3.       Highlight Your Home’s Incredible Features

Occupied or vacant, your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area deserves to be staged. If your home is occupied, you may have gorgeous built-ins that are covered by gaming equipment. A home stager can take those built-ins to the next level and emphasize the beauty of the built-ins by de-cluttering and refreshing the space with soft colors and neutral accessories. If your home is vacant, staging will entice buyers with strategically placed furniture, rugs, floor mirrors and more to highlight your home’s best qualities.

Home staging brings out the best in every home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. When selling any property in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, staging helps to make the area appear spacious and presentable to prospective buyers. When a home looks lived-in, buyers are less likely to be excited about the property; buyers like the illusion of looking at something brand new. Visual impact is achieved not only by impressive furnishings but also by the professional arrangement of every fixture, down to the lights, rugs and mirrors.

4.       Disguise the Flaws of the Home

According to NAR, most buyers will overlook property faults when a home is professionally staged.

Not all homes in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area are perfect, especially those that have been occupied for many years before selling. When a home is professionally staged, the flow of the furniture and accessories draw the buyers’ eyes away from distasteful elements and reinvents the home’s flaws into charming features. What may have been too tight, too low or uneven is converted into a beautiful space. This saves having to do actual renovations, which cost a lot of time, money, and aggravation on the part of the seller.

5.       Stagers Know New Home Interior Trends

Some homes for sale in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area look outdated on the inside. Home staging is a quick fix because it involves not just replacing the furnishings, but also the rugs, paint and even light fixtures to make a home feel modern. Home buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area like to feel like they are getting a new house, as opposed to a hand-me-down, and staging can achieve this. A mark of an expert home stager knows exactly what interior trends are hot at any given time.

6.       Staging Allows Buyers to Mentally Move in

If a home for sale in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is well-staged, buyers can visualize themselves living there. In a 2015 National Association of Realtor Survey, over 81% of buyers said it was easier to visualize the staged property as their next home.

When a house is staged, it becomes a home to all potential buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. The space planning allows buyers to imagine the life they would live there and generates ideas in their mind of how it would feel once they’ve moved in.

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If you don't stage before you list, you might lose time and money - the two important things that are promised if you stage your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area before listing it for sale.

Staging is one of the most powerful tools available to realtors and home sellers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. With quality service, space planning and furniture, a staged house can exude the feeling of home that will be both welcoming and unforgettable.

There is almost no downside to staging your home, especially if you want to get the best price for it. Having your home professionally staged is a sound investment, just like the home you are looking to sell.

Here atDSEAYCOM , we know that selling a home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area can be stressful. This is why our team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service to make your home selling experience both memorable and successful!

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