Top 3 Things to Do Today to Get your Home Sold in Tuscaloosa & Birmingham Area


No viewings for the past few weeks? Getting plenty of viewings but no offers?

Selling your home for top dollar takes hard work and the right mindset to strike a deal. To make that happen, DSEAYCOM put together a list of things all home sellers should do to get their home sold in the Tuscaloosa & Birmingham areas.If you’re struggling to sell your home, consider these top 3 proven tips to get your home sold in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas.


1.       Hire the Right Agent

Choosing the right agent is key for a successful home selling. At DSEAYCOM, we make always make sure that your home is being marketed to its full potential.

Real estate agents will disclose market conditions, which will govern your selling process. Top producing agents negotiate well because unlike most sellers who do not hire an agent, we can remove ourselves from the emotional aspects of the transaction.We are trained to recognize and fight for the right offer on a home, no matter what kind of property we’re working with. 

We are also able to use our extensive knowledge, skills, and experience to help you sell your home for the maximum possible profit.

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2.       Banish Bad Smells

Even beautiful, well-priced homes won’t sell if they smell foul. It can be as subtle as the presence of pets, bathroom mildew, or last night’s broiled carp. Scented candles and sprays can mask smells, but it’s best to root out the source.

If the problem lies with your furry friends, there are sprays that break down the odor molecules lurking in your carpets and furniture. If that doesn’t work, toss the rug or replace that section of flooring. If the offender is food odors, take out the garbage more often and air out the house after cooking.

If the smell of mildew pervades your bathrooms, install a fan to vent the room, and leave the doors to your bathrooms open to promote better air flow. You can also get a dehumidifier. To keep mold from growing, indoor humidity should linger at 30% to 60%. Here are more tricks on how to banish bad smells from your home.

3.       Keep Your Home Show-Ready 24/7

We all know it’s hard to keep your home picture-perfect for buyers all the time, but it’s well worth the pain and suffering. If you have children, go over their responsibilities for cleaning and consider having a large storage bin for all of their toys.

While it’s not necessary to scrub every surface for each viewing, a home that looks well-cared for will certainly sell more quickly than one that looks unkempt.

If you are debating whether or not to sell your home in 2017, keep in mind that the spring is when most other homeowners will decide to list their homes. Listing your home this winter will ensure that you have the best exposure to the serious buyers who are out looking now!

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Derrick Seay
Derrick Seay
DSEAYCOM B'ham Branch