Top 10 Winter Decor Ideas for Homes in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham

Let your home décor reflect your joyous spirit in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham areas! Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate your home after the holiday season? These ideas might be perfect for your home! Below are some of the coolest winter decorating ideas that DSEAYCOM would like to share with you to inspire your winter decor and keep you cozy during these colder months.

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These top 10 winter décor ideas are budget-friendly and easy to do, and they will add color and charm to any home. 


1.       Welcoming Front Porch Décor

Add fun decorations to your front porch by using items that reflect the winter season such as skates, wreaths, sleds and more. You can find some of these items at used items stores, garage sales and even in your own storage! Keep it simple with a few items, and choose one item to add a pop of color like this bright, red sled. Charming and classic décor before guests even enter the home!


2.       Winter Windows

Show everyone that you’ve caught the spirit of the season from the moment they see your home with these simple window treatments. You can use a fishing line or simple string as the base, and hang different shapes that mirror snowflakes or tree ornaments! You can find budget-friendly décor at any department store, or you can use crafts you have at home to create cut-outs from paper, recycling and more. This is a great craft for kids as well, so feel free to get the whole family involved!


3.       Small Accents

Create a space that looks like it has been designed by a professional decorator! Even the smallest changes in a room can make a huge difference, so consider having seasonal décor for tables, mantles and window sills. You can switch out lamp shades, table clothes and table décor to match the theme of the season, and add candies, bowls, candles and other accents that have a matching color theme. Winter time color themes that are popular include green and white, red and gold or blue and silver.


4.       Add Small Rugs to Different Parts of Your Home

Make your home feel cozy this season by keeping feet warm and adding textures to the space. Small area rugs are a great way to introduce comfort and style in a simple step, so consider a few different rugs that have a similar color, shape or material to keep a flow through each room.


5.       Wintery Laundry Room Updates

Snowflakes in the laundry room? Why not? Dressing up your laundry room can always make this area a bit more pleasant. Work on improving storage in the area with shelving that sits off of the floor, and add wintery accents like hanging snowflakes or window décor to give the room some winter charm. This doesn’t have to be an expensive task—even updating a light fixture and painting old shelves can make a huge difference in a drab laundry room.


6.       Fireplace Facelift

As temperatures dip lower, bring your focus inward by giving your fireplace some much needed attention. A quick makeover in this area can include de-cluttering the mantle, decorating with a few statement pieces and re-arranging the furniture to be situated around this focal point. You might also consider having the fireplace properly cleaned and giving it a decorative grate to dress up the area when it’s not in use.


7.       Scents of the Season

Simple décor and accessories can go a long way towards cozying up your home, but keeping it simple is also important. If you want to make a big impact with little décor, consider a delicious-smelling candle. You can choose colors that match your color schemes, and pick two or three at different heights to add dimension. Consider choosing a wintry scent such as cinnamon, pine needles, or evergreen to fill your home with seasonal cheer. Display the arrangement prominently on a mantel or in a casual dining room tablespace.


8.       Color Me Happy

Avoid the winter blues by infusing your spaces with pops of cheery colors. A bright throw or a boldly patterned pillow will do the trick, and will ensure your neutral spaces don't look stark and cold like the space outside your windows. Brightly colored elements can also last into the spring and summer, so this is worth a try!


9.       Window Dressing

Even kitchens need a little TLC during the winter months. Adding bold window treatments to your kitchen windows like these cheery red curtains will keep your workspace feeling merry and bright. Create your own by purchasing a yard of fabric in the color or pattern of your choice, hemming the raw edges, and using clip-style curtain rings over rods.


10.   Layered Rugs

Make an existing rug even more cozy by layering a thinner, smaller rug on top of it. If it won't damage the rug material, consider placing hook-and-loop squares on a couple of points on the smaller rug to help it stay in place and prevent tripping.


By re-arranging furniture in your home and utilizing small décor changes and colors, you’ll be able to create a totally new feel to your homes. Re-decorating for the season doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, these suggestions are budget-friendly and easy to do in a day or weekend. 

As temperatures outside drop, it's time to bring some warmth back into your home. Use these tips and tricks to learn the best ways to cozy up for winter. Winter is the best time to make the house feel warm and cozy. What are you waiting for?

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