The Ultimate Guide to Market Your Home to Sell in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Area

Today’s world is full of marketing and advertising outlets, and most of them are constantly evolving. Some of the most popular options for advertising today include the internet and various social media platforms. The way your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is marketed will have a deep impact on its final sale price, so you should discuss your marketing plan in detail with your real estate agent. 

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The Importance of a Marketing Plan

Marketing is a considerable expense, therefore it is important to get it right from the start.  At DSEAYCOM, we’ve prepared a marketing plan for sellers to ensure maximum exposure of the property for sale to potential buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. The best plans combine a mix of different media outlets such as internet sites, signboards, print advertisements, social media and search advertising.

If you've been trying to sell your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area and you're feeling stuck, these ideas may help you generate some interest.


1.       List Your Property with a Real Estate Agent

The most effective strategy for home selling is to run a promotional strike as soon as your home hits the market. Tools that your agent should incorporate in this marketing strike include:

• Printed materials such as flyers, pamphlets, etc.

• Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) complete with all descriptive details

• Professional photographs and/or a virtual tour of your home online

• Featured listing spots on numerous websites such as Zillow, and your agency’s company website

• Advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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Promoting your property is an essential part of achieving a successful sale.  DSEAYCOM is an expert at marketing properties to achieve outstanding sales results.  Our secret to success is making the best use of the multitude of tools we have available to showcase your listing and present it to market.

Each of these avenues comes with a cost that must be factored into your overall advertising budget.  You will generally be required to pay a commission to your real estate agent on top of advertising fees. This is due to the fact that when a real estate agent undertakes the task of selling your property, they bring expertise, negotiation skills and advice that can significantly contribute to a higher selling price and complement the marketing efforts.

2.       Advertise on Real Estate Portals

Seventy percent of buyers are likely to first see a property for sale on the internet; therefore, it is critical that this is part of your marketing plan. Websites such as and Zillow are the best options for many buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, as advertising online is by far the most efficient way to view all properties for sale in the one place.

DSEAYCOM offers a multitude of ways to promote their properties to reach the highest number of people, to generate as many leads as possible and to achieve the highest sale price.

Sellers can therefore be assured that buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area are being instantly directed to their property. Social networking sites such as Facebook also have an important place in the real estate arena because they provide an incredible platform to reach a mass audience.

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3.       Take Good Photos

Ninety-two percent of homebuyers start their house hunt online, but they will never get in the car to see a home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area if the online listings aren’t compelling. In real estate, compelling means pictures!

At DSEAYCOM, we will take quality photos of your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area for all kinds of marketing approaches including email and social media marketing.

4.       Use Virtual Tours

Virtual tours aren't just to showcase million-dollar homes anymore. Every home should have a virtual tour, even if it's only two spins. Buyers love virtual tours.

A good virtual tour will grab a buyer by the hand and lead her from room to room. Depending on the tour company, you can add sound, music or an exciting, professionally-written description. Virtual tours can also include individual photos available for download or to print.

5.       Use Your“For Sale” Sign

Signage encourages home shoppers to immediately call you or your agent. It's free advertising! This may sound obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many sellers forget to complete this one, simple action.

 A well-designed “For Sale”sign will generate phone calls, as long as the agent ensures that each signincludes the phone number of the brokerage office and the agent's cellphone number.

 If your home is a corner lot, put up two signs. You can also try talking to a neighbor whose home is located at the corner of a busy street, and ask for permission to put a sign in that yard with an arrow pointing toward yours.

6.       Always Be Show Ready

It may be a little inconvenient, but until you accept an offer, keep your home in tip-top shape at all times. What this means is that each room should have a clear purpose, nice flow and each should be clean and clutter-free.

Let your agent show your property. It’s their job to know what things to say, what to highlight and what to downplay. It’s also helpful to note thatthe best way to entice an agent and buyers to hang around your home longer is to offer food. It doesn’t need to be expensive; sandwiches or snacks will suffice. As agents and buyers munch and network, the hope is they will admire your home and begin to feel comfortable within it. 


An unfortunate aspect of the real estate business is that some listing agents wrongly believe that they should only spend money on advertising luxury homes; some agents don't really believe the smaller transactions are worth an additional expense. Don't hire an agent who thinks this way.

If done properly, these marketing techniques can unleash a great deal of power and help to propel your listing above the competition. And while your agent is responsible for creating the big share of these items, the key to their effectiveness is your commitment to having your home properly staged.

The goal when marketing your home is to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. Increased exposure in the housing market will put your home in front of the greatest number of potential buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.

At DSEAYCOM, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about buying and selling in the Alabama area. Call us now or feel free to share our contact information with someone you know that needs expert help in buying or selling their home.

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