Importance of Using a Real Estate Agent When Selling a Home  In the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Area

When you decide to sell your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, you will ideally want to get through the home selling journey without any hassles. Not to mention, most home sellers want to sell their home for the best possible price; one which reflects the value of the home as well as the market.

While the opportunity to sell your home quickly and at the right price may be tempting, for the vast majority of home sellers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, the most important goal is to actually get the home sold. And with the help of a great real estate professional, you will have a greater chance of achieving that goal.

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If you are serious about selling your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, don’t underestimate the importance of using a real estate professional that will guide you through the process.Here at DSEAYCOM, we can help facilitate the process so that in the end, you will be successful in the sale of your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.

Read our list below to determine the other essential roles of using an agent and the importance of using a real estate agent when selling a home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.

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  1. To save more money

According to the National Association of Realtors’, out of the recent profiles of home buyers and sellers over the past three years, as many as 92% of potential home buyers have used the internet to look for homes. It has also been shown that of that 92%, 95% of them also used a real estate professional.

With that being said, the buyer is represented by a real estate agent, and you are not. Who will have the upper hand in negotiations and the selling process? The buyer’s agent will have the best interest of the buyer in mind, not yours.

The same report also revealed that 89% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home. Thisonly means that it is essential for a home seller to hire a real estate agent when selling their home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. A great real estate agent could have more than made up for the commission they charged by pricing a house right and working for the seller’s best interest.

  1. To value a home correctly

Valuing a property correctly is the most important aspect of selling a house in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area; it is very difficult to do without a lot of experience and MLS access.

Without MLS access, it is very hard to get information on recently sold properties. Recently sold properties are the most important piece of information needed to value a home. People have access to active listings through websites like Zillow, but only licensed agents have access to MLS, which lists sold homes. Active listings can give an idea of house values, but you have no idea if houses are overpriced or what price they will actually sell for.

Every house is different, because every house has different features and locations. A real estate agent is an expert at determining value based off of these characteristics. It can take years to understand local markets and local markets can change extremely fast. This is why it is important to get sold comparables from the agent to value your home correctly.

Why will overpricing a home for sale cost the seller money?

If the home you’re selling in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is overpriced, a buyer may not even look at the home. It will sit on the market for weeks, or maybe even months until the price is lowered. What is worse, is that when buyers see a home has been on the market for an extended period of time, the buyers start to believe that something must be wrong with the home.

Even if the price is lowered to the right value after a few weeks, the home still may not sell for what it would have sold for if it had been valued correctly to begin with. Every month a home sits vacant, it costs the seller money and if there is a loan on the house, it can cost the seller thousands of dollars a month.

How will pricing a home for sale too low cost the seller money?

When you under price a home, you will most likely sell it very quickly, but there is a great chance you will sell it for less money than it is worth. It is true that under pricing a home can stir up a lot of activity and produce many offers; however, many times multiple offer situations will actually scare away some buyers. Some buyers do not want to get into a bidding war, and they will not make an offer on a house that has multiple offers.

If you price a house too low and get an offer over asking price, you could have received an even higher offer had you priced the home correctly. Most buyers will base their offer off of the list price, not what the home is actually worth,assuming the seller is asking fair market value. Another downside to an offer well above asking price is it may give an appraiser a reason to come in at a low value. If an appraisal comes in low, it could cost the seller even more money.

If you under priced or overprice a home, it can cost you thousands of dollars. There are lots of buyers in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area waiting for the perfect home to come up for sale, and it is important that a home is priced correctly from the beginning.

  1. A real estate agent knows how to deal with a low appraisal

If you end up with a buyer who is getting a loan, they will most likely need an appraisal done on the home. The bank will lend the buyer money based on that appraisal and if the appraisal comes in low, there is a good chance the buyer will need the price of the home to be lowered. A real estate agent knows how to be proactive to help the appraiser and knows how to challenge an appraisal if it comes in low.

  1. A real estate agent knows how to market a home

When selling a home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, you can’t just stick a home in the MLS and wait for offers to come in, unless you price it too low. The best way to market your property is through your real estate agent. Real estate agents are experts in marketing and educated in the sales process.

Here at DSEAYCOM, we know how to take the best pictures, do virtual tours and create the best brochures. We also know what websites to use, which magazines and newspapers to advertise in and much more. We also know a lot of helpful people, and have our own list to market the home too. Don’t hesitate to reach us so we can discuss how we can help you make your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area stand out on the market and sell it for the best possible price.

Many people think agents make too much money for the time they spend on houses, but they are not paid just for the time they spend selling your house. They are paid for all the licensing courses, continuing education they must take plus their experience marketing and selling homes. They can charge a lot of money for these services because good agents make their clients much more money.

  1. A real estate agent knows title companies, lenders and other agents

A real estate agent knows the market and they also know people in the business. At DSEAYCOM, we can help you find the best contractor in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area if repairs are needed before the listing or after an inspection. Here are a few more things an agent will help a seller with.

  • Negotiating price, inspections, appraisals
  • Negotiate title resolutions, multiple offers, seller concessions, earnest money, inclusions and exclusions, conditional sale contingencies, survey resolutions, due diligence resolutions, closing and possession date
  • Obtain and review a buyer’s qualification letter

It is always better to use a real estate agent to sell a home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area instead of selling yourself. Many investors who have their own real estate license still use another real estate agent to sell their house for them. Those investors know that another agent has the time needed to sell the house and the market expertise.

Before you even try to sell a house in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area on your own, consider if it is worth the time it will take to understand the process and if you will actually save any money.

At DSEAYCOM, we are focused on providing you with the best results and services in the industry.  We listen carefully to understand your real estate goals and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you.  Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, we have the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals. As a real estate professional, we will make you more money on the sale of your home because of our knowledge and experience. We have extensive knowledge of the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area and can help you find the right buyer for your home at the best possible price.

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At DSEAYCOM, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about buying and selling in the Alabama area. Call us now or feel free to share our contact information with someone you know that needs expert help buying or selling their home.

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