9 Cool Activities for Kids in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Area

Summer is already here, which means the kids are home from school for the next 2 months. Do you have plans to keep them busy? Don’t worry about breaking the bank; there are lots of activities you can plan right in your own backyard to keep the kids busy and happy all summer long.

If you want to keep your kids learning, exploring, and have fun during the summer in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area, check out this fun summer activities list that your kids will love:

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1.       Backyard Party

Plan a kid’s party in your backyard and ask them to help you decorate; it will enhance their creativity and encourage them to be cooperative. To save you from all that cleaning put the kids into groups and ask them to clean the backyard at the end-the fastest group to collect the most garbage and clean their designated area will receive a prize!

2.       Bring home the Beach

Didn’t plan for a trip to the beach in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area? Why don’t you bring the beach to your backyard! Set up an inflatable pool with toys and make some homemade sculpting sand that can be packed and molded into sand castles!

How to: In a large, plastic storage container with a lid, mix together 9 cups of clean play sand with 3 cups of cornstarch. Add 2 1/2 cups of water, stir, and start building. Close the lid when the sand's not in use. Just add a bit of water if it dries out.

3.       Disco golf

For a homespun version of disc golf, grab a Frisbee and hang various sized hoops from branches, clotheslines or the house. Half the fun of this game is deciding the holes: they can be trees (try to hit the trunk), a garbage can on its side (toss the disc inside the can), a swing set (have the disc fly between the chains of a swing), and so on.

Plan the order of the targets so that players can move onto the next hole when they’re finished. Prizes can also be added for all of the players participating or have a cool snack waiting at the end!

4. Create Homemade Ice Cream

Not only will kids enjoy this cool treat but you probably will too! You can make your own homemade ice cream with these 3 simple ingredients (You can supervise the kids while doing this and let them master this recipe!):

·         1 can condensed milk

·         2 packs all purpose-cream

·         Oreo cookies! (7-8 pcs or as much as you like)

1.       Crush the Oreos into a sand-like texture with a blender or a rolling pin.

2.       Whip cream in a mixer until it doubles in volume

3.       Slowly add condensed milk while the mixer is on low

4.       Pour in the crushed Oreos until just blended

5.       Place in a well-covered container and freeze it for at least 6 hours

You can also ask them to explore their creativity by substituting Oreos to a different flavor like melted chocolate or any blended fruit. Adding chocolate chips, bit-sized Oreos or sprinkles will be fun too! This is a great idea for kids you’ll be hosting throughout the week- they can make the ice cream one day and enjoy it the next!

5.       Drawing with Chalk

Outdoor art projects are perfect during the summer in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area and it's hard to find a bigger canvas than the driveway. Here's a project to get your artists-in-residence inspired: Have chalk-equipped kids trace the outlines of their friends and then color in the outlines.

6.       Let them be Young Entrepreneurs

Lemonade stands spring up every summer when kids want to start earning a few dollars. This is a great way for them to meet their neighbors, get fresh air and maybe make a little cash. Try setting up shop on behalf of a charity, such as Alex's Lemonade Stand (alexslemonade.org), which funds research for childhood cancers.

You might also consider helping them bake fresh cookies to sell to your neighbors, family and friends in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.

7.       Hop to It!

Stretch the life of an old yoga mat by turning it into an indoor version of a classic sidewalk game. With a ruler and pen, lightly outline a hopscotch board on the mat, then cover the lines with duct tape strips. Use more tape to add designs to each square. To make an indoor tossing "stone," fill a child's sock halfway with rice and knot the end.

Bonus: Find the traditional hopscotch diagram and play instructions at parents.com/hopscotch.

8.       Counting on Exercise

Get your kids' fitness plan on a roll with a set of homemade movement dice. To make a pair, use duct tape to seal the edges and cover the sides of two small, cube-shaped boxes (recycled tissue boxes).

With a permanent marker, write numbers on one die (numerals no higher than ten are best), and various movements ("Hop on one foot" or "Jumping Jacks”) on the other. Players take turns rolling the dice, then performing the movement for the number of times shown.

9.       Capture the Memories

Create a scrapbook full of artifacts from your summer fun activities. Of course, let the kids use their imagination and creativity on this project by asking them to use tools and crafts that are available around the house like dried leaves, stickers, unused buttons, ribbons or an old magazine.

Summer time in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area is fun time and you can make this a memorable season for your kids! They’ll love sharing their stories and things they’ve learned once they’re back at school.

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