8 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Sell Your Home


In our previous article, we listed the top reasons you should sell your home. If you’ve now made the decision to sell, we are happy to help you begin your process and take advantage of today’s market. There is no better time than now!

Selling your home isn’t just about setting out a“For Sale” sign and letting the buyers walk in. There’s much more to it than that! Especially if you don’t want to end up selling your home to the wrong buyer.

Need some direction? Here are 8 tips that will help you sell your home in no time:


1.       Cleaning Up

You wouldn’t want to walk into your dream home and find it messy and unorganized. The same goes for your potential buyers! Clean your home top to bottom and removing excess furniture and décor to make it look more spacious and neutral. To ensure the home looks move-in ready, try to de-personalize the home as much as possible to help families envision themselves in the home and not you.

The condition of your home will affect how quickly it sells and the price the buyer is willing to offer. First impressions are the most important. A home with too much "personality" is harder to sell.

2.       Strategically set the price

Setting a price can be difficult, especially for those who try to sell on their own. Knowing your home's worth will help you get comfortable with a price range and it will attract more buyers who find the price reasonable. Try DSEAYCOM’s free, no-obligation home valuation straight from your mobile phone or tab. Download the DSEAYCOM app to learn your home’s worth, or visit this link!

Remember that buyers will probably try to negotiate a discount, so add 5%-10% to what you are prepared to accept.

Modern technology. Agents and buyers often use computers to search for properties. If you want to sell your home for $400,000, consider listing it at $399,999, rather than $400,500. That way, a computer search of anything between $350,000 and $400,000 will include your listing.

3.       Prepare for a Home Inspection

A home inspection might be a stressful event, but it will help sellers to make note of any existing repairs or problems that need addressing. You can choose to take care of these before buyers walk through, or you can make agreements between various fixes and who will be responsible for them after closing.

Many standard real estate contracts are going to give the home buyer the right to inspect the property.Additional inspections requested by the buyer are customarily at their expense.

4.       Shape up before marketing

Staging is the art of creating a welcoming environment that helps buyers envision their life in your house. You can stage using accessories and furniture you already have or incorporate some  light renovations.

If you have odd rooms with no obvious role, give them one - an odd nook off the kitchen could be used as an office or a pantry. Also, enhancing home’s lighting by letting in natural light will make it more appealing to buyers.

For more staging tips, check out 5 Secrets Of Effective Home Staging for more ideas!

5.       Choose the Perfect partner

Find a real estate agent (broker or realtor) who is right for you. Your agent will be in charge of advertising, showing and completing the legal requirements of selling your property, so be sure to choose someone who has experience, great referrals and a unique selling plan for you. 

At DSEAYCOM, we will handle the advertising and the marketing of your home in the West-Central Al real estate market. We will work hard to bring you the best service and find the perfect buyer for your home. Contact us today to speak with a qualified agent!

6.       Receive and Review Offer

Your real estate agent will walk you through this process. You may receive lots of offers and you will need to review every offer. You will have three options: You can accept, reject or you can “counter” the offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, be certain to address them with your real estate agent right away.

7.       Negotiate

Most offers will require some negotiating to come to a win-win agreement. Your real estate agent should be well-versed on the intricacies of the contracts used in your area and will protect your best interest throughout the bargaining.

You can also offer an incentive- a way to sweeten the deal. Did they seem dismayed that the patio hadn't been varnished for awhile? Say you'll come down $500 to cover the cost of re-varnishing. Giving up an appliance or making a small concession for home improvements could cost you less than continuing to pay a mortgage on a house you don't want.

Your agent will mediate between you and buyers to reach a mutually acceptable price.

8.       Closing the Deal

"Closing" refers to the meeting where ownership of the property is legally transferred to the buyer. Your agent will be present during the closing to guide you through the process, to make sure everything goes as planned and mediate any last-minute issues that may arise.

Make sure you've provided all the necessary disclosure documents required by your state. Depending on the written contract, you may pay for all, some or none of these items. If each procedure returns acceptable results as defined by the contract, then the sale may continue. If there are problems with the home, the terms set forth in the contract will dictate your next step. You or the buyer may decide to walk away, open a new round of negotiations or proceed to closing.

Selling your home is an important event in your life! Most people choose to hire a real estate broker when selling their home because selling takes a lot of work, knowledge, and the right kind of patience.Selling a home always takes time, attention and energy. Choose an experienced agent that will help you sell your house.

DSEAYCOM is focused on providing you with the best results and service in the real estate industry.

We listen carefully to understand your real estate goals and work hard to create solutions that make sense for you. Whether you are new to the market or an experienced investor, we have the expertise, proven track record, and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals.

We have extensive knowledge of the Tuscaloosa, AL area and can help you find the right home for you or the right buyer for your home. Contact us today to speak with a qualified agent!

At DSEAYCOM, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about buying and selling in the Alabama area. Call us now or feel free to share our contact information with someone you know that needs expert help buying or selling their home.

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Derrick Seay
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