5 Ideas on How to Use Your Loft Space in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Area

Do you ever wonder what you should do with the space inside your Tuscaloosa or Birmingham area home that is referred to as loft? A loft is usually situated at the top of the stairs; it might be an upper story or an attic, directly under the roof.

Loft space offers valuable square footage that when utilized properly can make a big difference for your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area. By taking a space which is often under-utilized and transforming it, you can open up a lot of new possibilities.

For many, it isn’t a case of whether they should get a loft conversion; it’s what to do with the space once they’ve converted. If you’re selling your home, it’s important that you stage this space to show how functional it can be. You don’t want to have your potential buyers wondering if it’s just wasted space.

Before transforming your loft space, think about how you will use it. If you need some ideas, here are 5 great ideas on what you can do with your newly-reclaimed loft space in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area.


  1. A loft is perfect for a home library; take advantage of the tranquility and seclusion that comes with a loft space and make it into a reading room. Add a comfy chair and the proper lighting and you can make an ideal spot to catch-up on your reading or turn it into a kid’s study area.

The natural camber of a loft will often limit the amount of storage space available around the edge of the room, but even in restricted areas you can fit shelving for your books, allowing you to create a miniature library that’ll be perfect for any bookworm. Just remember to invest in double or triple glazed window to preserve the tranquility!

  1. home office is a great way to utilize loft space, if your home is quiet and you don’t require a closed room. Their placement in the house and the fact they’re high above any outside roads means that they’re often the quietest room, making them a great aid to concentration. Transforming your loft space into an office could mean a distraction-free environment that will help you get some work done.
  1. game room is a fun use for a loft space. You could set it up with a pool table or some other type of game table such as football or air hockey. You can also give your kids their own special place by setting it up as a kid’s playroom and having plenty of storage space for their toys. This will help you from having toys scattered all over your house. For teens, transform it into a lounge area where they can hang out with their friends. Decorate it with lots of comfortable seating and bring in a TV for video games and movies.
  1. If you need some added motivation to get yourself moving on your fitness journey, why not utilize your loft conversion as a workout room? Bring in some home exercise equipment and make your own home gym or use it as a great yoga studio or meditation room. Many of those who invest in a home gym quickly find it losing its appeal after they’ve put their equipment in a cold, damp or uninspiring space within their home. Utilizing the natural light and space of a loft conversion is a great way to create a workout space that has you raring to go. A well-insulated floor will also keep the noise that filters through to the rest of the house to a minimum, unlike a home gym located adjacent to living areas.
  1. Converting your loft into a storage space is one of the easiest and cheapest conversions you can do. It’s a great storage solution for all different kinds of items or furniture, or for seasonal décor that you want to keep hidden away. Using your loft space as storage is also a popular option if you have a commercial business downstairs and you need the room to store some of your work belongings.

Use the eaves space to form cupboards and any unusual spaces for more storage; bespoke shelves and units are usually the best option to maximize the use of these spaces.

It could also be used as an elegant walk-in wardrobe, freeing up space elsewhere in the house. Improving the storage within your loft is a great way of adding value to your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area without sacrificing the storage space that your home originally offered.

Converting your loft may well be the easiest and most cost-effective way to add space and value to your home in the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham area and it is certainly one of the most desirable and sought-after home improvement projects. It is a simple solution to creating more storage or adding a much-needed recreational space in your home.

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Derrick Seay
Derrick Seay